Discover how to use your gifts through one of The Journey’s most creative and fun teams – The Worship Arts Team!


So much so that it is our desire to see every artist use their gifts to become all that God has intended for them to be.

The Worship Arts Team at The Journey is a community of artists who, together, unleash the arts to create transformational moments in people’s lives. The Worship Arts Team includes musicians, singers, audio, video and lighting technicians, backstage managers and set-up crew, as well as actors and those with a passion for the arts. We believe that God has given us the arts so that we can honor Him, and share His love with others.


 Belong: build healthy relationships and be a part of something bigger than yourself

  Create: use your God-given talents to serve and do what you were made to do

  Become: discover God’s amazing love – and become all that God intends for you to be as an artist



If you would like to start using your talents at The Journey, it’s easy to get involved. Simply sign up today, or click on any of the teams below to find out more information.

Band: The band is made up of instrumentalists (from drums and bass, to violins and cellos), who bring the Sunday service worship experience to life.

Vocal Team: The Vocal Team is for those who love to sing in a small ensemble and lead worship at the Sunday services with energy and enthusiasm.

Production Team: The Production Team is responsible for Media and Technical production at The Journey. Made up of camera operators and video editors; sound and lighting engineers; stage managers and set-up crew, the Production Team is open to all levels of experience and expertise. No previous training or experience required.

Do you have gifts as a designer, actor, or dancer? Complete the Worship Arts Team Interest Form or contact Pastor Jason to learn how to use your gifts at The Journey! 

For more information, or to set up an audition, complete the Worship Arts Team Interest Form, or email Pastor Jason Hatley at [email protected] or call 561-420-0606 x310.

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